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The name of the food item is made from sesame tahini . It is a food caused by crushing the sesame seeds.
Sesame previously invested in large salt pool. Sesame crust along with the added density of the salt water sinks to the bottom of the water , and the actual grains of water remains in the water face. This is not as liquid phase water.
It is close to a little more intense yoghurt . This is called tahini

S0 what are the benefits of grain ?
The most important feature of the feeder known among the people of Taha Easy is a food that prevents cravings . It is particularly preferred in the winter. ‘ Golden Ratio ‘ if described as sesame – molasses mixture is provided , there are many people who agree that a lot of delicious food .This rate tahini / molasses about 1/4 (25% molasses, sesame 75 % ) as known . People with anti-oxidants and vitamins found within the religious amounting to prevent chills .
Sesame energizes our body because it contains 55-60 % oil level , plays a major role in the formation of fatty acids that our body needs to hear . A , B, and vitamin E as well as iron and is especially rich in calcium. In which vitamin E, cardiovascular disease , prevents the degradation of the cell structure prevents atherosclerosis. Tahin accelerates metabolism.
Sesame honey consumed alone as can be consumed mixed with products such as molasses . In particular, estimates and syrup mixture is something very familiar. As I mentioned above, the body keeps fit , energized , winter flu and support the body in the healing process would be against such diseases, prevent chills, opens the mind, brings dynamism . Due to the sugary breakfast as used in Sesame is also used in sweets .
Tahini halva, tahini pumpkin dessert , fruit dessert with tahini , tahini cake, profiteroles tahini are some of them

Is there a loss of Tahin ?
As with all food consumed when there are losses of grain . Too much sugar consumed by diabetics because it can take up to death. When too much sugar consumed by regular people still can occur due to various ailments
This discomfort pregnant women consume much permanent damage as a result of giving the baby early , contraction of muscles , sleep disturbances and can cause temporary wound above the skin