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White / Pastry Sesame


esame seeds are surrounded by a thin shell. Although thin on Dane shell, the shell due to the very small proportion of the grains of the grain may go up to -20. Seed shells of oxalic acid, calcium and
The building is rich in terms of cellulose. 2.5% according to the findings of seed – 3 percent of the amount of oxalic acid is available to the shell. Therefore, removal of the seed coat prior to the production of all food sesame products intended for human consumption is important for healthy nutrition.

Free form oxalic acid taken into the body, forming salt with calcium in the atmosphere, causing it to turn into an unfavorable structure in terms of nutrition. The amount of oxalic acid in the bark peeled sesame seeds to fall to 0.25%. On the other hand the amount of protein in the pulp obtained by removing the oil from the seed is increased to 60% w. In addition, phytic acid ratio in the crust reaches to 5%. Of mineral nutrients taken into the body shell located phytic acid are considered to reduce the bioavailability.