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Body longitudinal groove and hairy , is an annual herbaceous plant that oil. There is 25% protein in the composition . Because of nutritional value and taste are consumed in large quantities in different ways. India , Sudan, Nigeria is the first place in China and the world harvest. Sesame grown in Turkey in terms of flavor and fat content is higher. Lower leaves of the plants and mutual lobed upper leaves is straight and spears. The flowers are white or pink petals are gathered in case of clusters of seats . Fruit spike 2-3 cm . tall , long, prismatic and multi- seeded capsule.
Several functional benefits thus counted among the herbs.
Additionally, in stating that food scientists are people who are happy to Endorphin , this item as one of the most hosts exhibit of food sesame .


Sesame in Turkey
Top quality sesame are grown in our country. Turkey has an important place in sesame oil plant cultivation made contain 50-60 % oil in the seed. Most production are used as raw materials in the domestic market ,
only 2% – 3 ‘ is exported . 1950 is not removed from the sesame oil in our country today.

In our country, southern , south-western , western Thrace and Marmara in the first and second products as single plants are planted at intervals of mixed farming or some plants..
According to the largest cultivation Island City , Istanbul, Canakkale , Istanbul , Izmir , Mersin, Balıkesir, Manisa, Izmir and Aydin it is made .